Sunday, September 20

Tigo Ghana revamps customer channels, updates ‘Self Care’ care

Tigo is a multinational company that provides affordable, widely accessible and readily available cellular telephony services to more than 30 million customers. The company is owned by South Africa-based Millicom International Cellular (MIC) and they have operating zones and bases in the continents of Latin America and Africa. With their reach spanning thirteen different countries in these continents, Tigo are really aiming high.

Recently, to fulfill its commitment to itself and the public as regards producing forefront technology in communications, the Tigo operations base in Ghana has upgraded its communications channels in a bid to ensure that customers have easy access to all of their communication needs.

Tigo Ghana revamps customer channels, updates 'Self Care' care Technology: General

Due to the record of a large customer base, Tigo Ghana has sought to help out more people at the same time without inconveniencing another by releasing  a new version of its Self Care App that would allow the customers to access products and services and as well, make queries that would receive instant feedbacks.

On the back of this development, WhatsApp lines were also released to improve the customer experience. The Whatsapp lines are 0277101020 and 0277551000.

The Tigo app has been developed and released on Android Smartphones for now. Users can now download via the PlayStore and proceed to perform operations such as checking balance, buying airtime and internet packages and gain access to Tigo cash and report network.

Tigo’s Director of Customer Operations, Stephen Essien made it clear that the Tigo app which had been around since 2013 has now been improved to aid easy navigation.

Said he: “As a digital lifestyle company, we believe in empowering the customer, whilst delivering a faster and richer service experience.”

“Being aware of the change in consumer trends, we will continue to improve our value proposition for our customers,” Essien added.

Tigo currently has about forty-six(46) operation zones in Ghana.

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