Tuesday, October 20

The Top 10 Smartphones For Last Week

Following the release of some new smartphones over the past week, there have been some smartphones which have made it to the chart as the top 5 devices while others have been displaced from the list.

The last week witnessed the release of the Nokia 8 device which boasts of the ‘Bothie’ camera which allows users use both the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

However, the Nokia 8 smartphone has meshed its way into the Top 5 smartphones of last week thereby unsettling the earlier list.

The Lenovo K8 Note is also a powerful smartphone which was released and obviously made its way into the list for the week.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released this week and is also expected to displace some of the smaller powered devices from the list.

In the interim, here are the top 5 smartphones for the week.


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