Monday, November 30

Top 3 reasons why most bloggers fail in 2016

For an average John venturing into the online business world, blogging isn’t only one of the best ways to make ways online, it’s one of the easiest — that’s what the “Internet gurus” make you believe after you purchase their “how to make money online” info marketing books and videos. Sadly, if you’ve already programmed your mind to believe such nonsense, you are straight-headed for failure. Not only that, you’ll probably get frustrated at the amount of time, money and resources lost, and then finally join the massive crowd of people that came to conclusion that there is nothing like earning legitimate money online.

If you are planning to join the blogging world, or being there already and planning to toss in the towel because your AdSense account isn’t generating a thousand dollars daily despite being WEEKS old (your guru must have given you high hopes), you need to see why most people fail to make it as successful bloggers in 2016:

  1. Not being consistent

No one takes a student who comes to school SOMETIMES, takes SOME of his tests and writes SOME of his exams serious. Teachers, sponsors and more relevantly results will reflect the inconsistency of that student.

Now, take your blog as the subject: It’s supposed to be an entertainment blog for example; you know you should make 10 articles or more in a day but you did only 5 last Friday and planning to do 2 next Wednesday. How do you think that your readers (if any) should take your blog serious enough to make another visit? How do you think Google will rank your piece of random junk on the SERPS?

Absolutely, nobody will give a hoot about your blog if it’s not consistently publishing articles and that’s regardless of your niche, darling.

  1. Copying people’s posts

Show me a very popular blog that serves 100% unoriginal articles and I’ll show you a pregnant virgin.

Because copying tend to occur in bigger websites (yes, I’ve seen some Alexa top 1000 websites copy and paste articles word for word), newbies mistake this act as common, ordinary. For a website which has published 10s of thousands of original articles, search engines and readers won’t bat an eye (and most times wouldn’t even notice) that a part or full length of an article was obtained from another website. However, for a young blog, you are killing your non-existent or tender reputation and SEO authority when you engage in copying other people’s works.

Interestingly, if your blog, by the slimmest of chances, eventually get famous and rich, you could be shooting yourself in the foot as the victims/owners of the stolen work could get you sued for plagiarism and such.

  1. Giving up too early

While blogging is usually associated with young people, it’s easy to see many new entrants heading for the exit after a short unsuccessful stint. Call it impatience associated with being young and free or let’s say that you have other things to do rather than “wasting time sitting on a computer”,  the fact still remains that most people who quit blogging never did enough to start with.

Many successful bloggers of today tried hard and failed for years before finally being able to negotiate a breakthrough in their blogging careers.

Top 3 reasons why most bloggers fail in 2016 Technology: General

You should not give up yet. You should not try your hands in entertainment this week, tech next and sports next month. Stay focused in your lane and for a while. While you’re at it, reach out to experts in your niche and ask for tips. Read articles, brainstorm and do new things people haven’t done in your niche before (this is really a crowd winner). Be consistent and do blogging like its already paying you millions – and in a matter of time it could be.


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