Sunday, September 27

Top 7 things eating up your smartphone’s storage space

We are constantly in the market for a new phone and one of the things we check first is the memory space. It helps us a lot if it comes with a great deal of internal storage space and we frown at devices that do not offer expandable storage.

Funny thing is, when we get our Android devices, even those with high storage capacities, we sometimes start to wonder where all of the storage is going to as it gets drained gradually. We just find that our space is running out and we have nothing to delete. We are constantly trying to solve the trouble associated with space. Why not let us at help you with the top 7 things that eat up your space faster than you know!

1. Text Messages
I know its cool that you want to always remember what you and someone talked about, or read your messages over and over again, but what about those virtually useless messages? Those group chats that spanned more than 5000 messages in total are doing no less to eating up your space. You need to free it up today.

2. Selfies
Yeah, you read that right. We are constantly in the habit of wanting to take the perfect selfie that we go through tons of photoshoots to achieve that. Once achieved, we fail to delete the other imperfect ones that had been taken as trial but head to Instagram as fast as possible. Those pictures take up much space too.

3. Unused Apps
Nearly everyone, if not everyone, is guilty of this. We have those apps that we never find use for or even use sparingly but we cannot bring ourselves to delete them. They keep taking space, application memory and cache process. I need not start analyzing how much space they are stealing from you.

4. Screenshots
We take screenshots in the spur of the moment to remember something or show it to someone. We then conveniently forget to delete them afterwards. Red Alert : Space Eater!

5. (Unwanted) Videos
We’re humans, and we get bored easily. So easy that we might be smiling one second and then so bored that we would be taking random videos of things like water ripples later. It would help your storage space if you delete these videos afterwards.

6. Music
With the number of online music hubs around now, there is no need for you to keep thousands of music files on your device anymore. The cloud is also there for your usage.

7. Instagram photos
For the Instagrammers, you should have noticed that the Instagram app has this feature that helps it to conveniently save two files of the same picture, one touched and the other untouched, on your phone. You know you don’t need both. Why not delete the other?

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