Monday, November 30

Top Trending Phones Of Last Week

The previous week witnessed the disruption of the top smartphones released as some came into the market packing some pretty specs, enough to displace some of the already spotted smartphones.

However, last week was not a great week in terms of high end smartphones as most of the smartphones on last week’s chart remained in their position.

The position will however not be maintained for long as some smartphones are billed to be released soon including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy J7+, Apple iPhone 8, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and a host of other promised phones.

The new week still witnesses Samsung topping the chart with the upcoming Note 8 skyrocketing to the top of the chart for unreleased smartphones while the Galaxy S8 is doing pretty impressive on the list.

Check out the list of top popular phones for the last week below:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Nokia 6
  3. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy J7+
  5. Lenovo K8 Note
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8
  7. Nokia 8
  8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  9. Apple iPhone 7
  10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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