Wednesday, September 30

How to transfer airtime/credit with MTN Share & Sell

Years ago, MTN Nigeria introduced airtime transfer within customers on the network making them the first carrier to offer such service in Nigeria. Good thing is, you can initiate MTN airtime transfer from any prpaid plan to another and using amounts as low as 50 naira and with a maximum of 5,000 naira.

How to transfer airtime with MTN

If this is the first time you are transferring credit/airtime with your MTN line. You need to change your default Share & Sell PIN first of all. There are two ways to change your pin, keep in mind that your default pin is 0000. If your desired pin is, say, 1111:

Dial *600*0000*1111*1111#


Text 0000 1111 1111 to 777

After that you can transfer credit (after you must have received the confirmation message).

Now, their are two ways to make a transfer:

Dial *600*destination number*amount*PIN# example *600*07060824336*100*1111#

Or text Transfer[space]destination number[space]amount[space]PIN to 777. Text Yes in another SMS to 777 in order to confirm the message.

Keep in mind that you cannot transfer an amount less that 50 naira and you cannot transfer borrowed (MTN XtraTime) balance. And that’s it folks. That’s how to transfer airtime/credit using MTN Share & Sell. Drop your comments below.


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