Thursday, January 21

TravelBeta pledges to change the face of online flight bookings

Air travel has been described as the fastest means of travel and as fast as it is, you might be slow in making your flight bookings. The stress of having to go over to book your flights or make endless calls just to hold down a seat (or more) can be tiring at times and TravelBeta has just come to our aid.

TravelBeta (Beta pronounced as Better (Nigerian accent FTW, y’all 😀 )), operating at, has officially launched its platform in Nigeria which is aimed at converting the excesses of offline flight bookings to online bookings, making way for a greater push in the technology and aviation industry.

TravelBeta pledges to change the face of online flight bookings Technology: General

Of the 15 million flights that were booked in Nigeria over the period of 12 months, some nine million of these included flights outside of the country and a rather disappointing 300,000 of these bookings were done online. This birthed the need for a revolution in the online flight booking sector and that’s where TravelBeta comes in.

The company does so much more than just book your flights as it is associated to over 300,000 hotels around the world for you to also keep a room for your arrival. Of these hotels, over 1000 are based in Nigeria only and the TravelBeta platform covers over 900 destinations around the world. That is some stunning reach.

TravelBeta is founded by a team of experienced personnels in the technology of online booking and they are Mr. Onyeka Akumah (CCO), Mr Wale Ayorinde (CTO) and Mr. David Asuku (OM)

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