Thursday, January 21

TrueCaller hits 200 million subscribers, adds Number Tagging feature

TrueCaller is a leading search technology group and recently, we brought you the news of how this institution launched a new feature on its Trudialer application which ensures that you know the availability of a user that you’re about to call. Owing to this and many other perks that the TrueCaller platform holds, the company has announced today that they have achieved a stunning milestone of 200 million users, and more stunning is that they achieved this status in only a timeframe of 10 months.

TrueCaller has then in a way celebrated this announcement by even more rewarding customers with a new feature called the Number Tagging which would ensure that users have richer information brought to them from around the world.

Number tagging would be integrated into TrueCaller’s mobile platforms – the TrueCaller for mobile phone book and Truedialer for mobile phone dialing pad – and would ensure that you are able to easily identify the contacts on your phone according to their relevance. This means that you would now be able to discern the number of your favorite spa owner to that of your best chef.

“Truecaller is about putting trust into communications and adding more information about who you’re communicating with. The new Tagging feature will take this commitment one step further,” CEO and Co-Founder of TrueCaller, Alan Mamedi, has said. “Over time, we envision using this information to improve our users ability to identify who is contacting them, why they are contacting them, what they are contacting them about, and be able to make an informed decision as to whether to take the call, or not,” he added.

TrueCaller is dedicated to making communication smarter and easier, and it seems to be positively gaining some momentum as is evident in its 200 million user base.

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