Wednesday, September 30

Truedialer gets caller availability feature

Have you ever launched your Truedialer app, try calling a friend and you were left to hear the ring beep tone for minutes on end with your friend seeming not to pick up? Or have you launched your Truedialer app only to receive calls coming in at the wrong time, leaving you with a barrage of missed calls? Well, your woes have ended.

Truecaller, the search technology company responsible for the production and design of the Truedialer app have released an upgrade of the app which features an improvement that allows the user check for the availability of those they wish to call.

The new upgrade to the app works hand-in-hand with the user’s calendar, helping to process and store information as to when the user is available or busy. A green status notification shows that the user is free while a red one indicates that the user is busy.

The Truecaller app, in affiliation with Truedialer, helps people to access information about users they are about to call, and boasting a followership of about 2 billion numbers worldwide, is set to break grounds in the communications industry.

Truecaller has also recently launched the Truemessenger app which fully compliments the Truedialer and helps users send message to each other via the platform over the world wide web.

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