Tuesday, September 22

Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi service clocks 1 million users

South Africa is really going somewhere with the free Wi-Fi services that it had been rolling out in some area, touching lives, improving infrastructure and connecting even more people and areas to the internet. The free Wi-Fi has been targeted at mostly low income earners and Internet entry level users and this is achieving its desired effects. It would take a solid heart to have dreamt about ut when this programme started that it would come thus far.

The free Wi-Fi programme that has been launched in the Tshwane area of South Africa yesterday reached a major milestone that saw the network record a participation of a million unique devices. This record was hit at about 8:47 PM yesterday and this meant that people were really appreciative and supporting of the free Wi-Fi project.

“It’s just a number, but it’s a biggie. It means that Tshwane has touched the lives of over one million people: Mostly young and mostly in low income communities,” the Chief Executive of Project Isizwe in person of Alan Knott-Craig Jnr told Fin24 (via Mybroadband).

After the Western Cape free Wi-Fi service, it has been recorded by BMI-T that this one in Tshwane is the largest in the country.

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