Wednesday, August 5

Twitter launches ad-placement feature in Moments

Twitter was recently going down the drain with its business and as such required a complete overhaul of the system to lay things back on track. Although, a lot of things have gone wrong internally, the entire board of directors of Twitter reached a decision which would see Jack Dorsey of Twitter emerge as the permanent CEO of the microblogging website and platform company.

This move to name Jack CEO has started to birth some improvements as he has brought some new innovations on board. One of these is Moments, which we reported to you sometimes ago on this website. Moment would allow you keep up with trends in a more defined way that hashtags.

Jack also recently gave out some of his shares to employees and apologized to the developers, promising they wouldn’t work against them anymore but with them now. Just recently, the company has made another improvement that if managed well, should see their revenue surge.

With twitter moments now comes a full 24-hour ad placement service where business men and other entrepreneurs can place advertisements of their products and services. The service would let you post your ads via tweets tailored to the purpose and also, pushed video contents.

The twitter ads features is already in play, even in use by New Line Cinema, MGM and Warner Bros to promote their new movie called “Creed”.

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