Sunday, September 27

Twitter to extend 140 character limit?

Twitter, the micro-blogging website (which also features apps over various platforms) has been around as one of the most popular social networking platforms available. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus, Twitter allows status updates with a very limited character limit of 140.

Over the years, calls have been made for reforms by a seemingly majority section of the Twitterverse for the limit to be raised but according to recent reports, it appears that Twitter management is finally going to listen to the voice of users.

Although the limit to 140 characters has spurred users to get creative in their use of words to express their thoughts in as few words as possible, Twitter has promised to launch an app which has been said would allow users send “long-form content to the service”. Users are expecting the platform to surprise them with breakthrough technology as some third party websites already offer the service of tweeting longer messages with the use of outbound links.

Twitter to extend 140 character limit? Technology: General

The service, which has a launch date yet to be announced has been nicknamed the “140 plus” and there has been speculations on what it would look like. While some believe it would just feature an upgraded character limit, others feel it would allow users to nest further texts inside a particular tweet which could be expanded or collapsed, retaining the natural feel of the Twitter platform.

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