Wednesday, August 5

Twitter upgrades follower limit to 5000

Following the postings earlier this year that although Twitter is still one of the most profitable online business out there, its worth was dropping by the quarter, the shareholders and board of directors have been brainstorming on what ideas would help keep their heads above water and prevent a future crash of the business. At the end of endless hours of meeting though, the right man for the job seemed to be Jack Dorsey and under his leadership, changes have been trooping in as things are hoped to be turned around.

First hinting at the fact that users can be expectant of a new feature that would allow them reel out more than 140 characters at once (although the new limit and way in which Twitter wants to go about this is still unknown), Twitter also launched its Twitter Moments feature which allows you to keep up with happenings better than you would with Trends. Not quite long ago, ads were also introduced to the Twitter Moments which looks to make Twitter an even more profitable platform.

Just recently too, Twitter has announced that it would be upgrading its follower limit by more than 100%, giving people a 5000 user follower limit as opposed to the 2000 benchmark it operated upon. Before now, users could only follow up to 2000 accounts  but the new development means you can follow a whole lot more people on Twitter.

Some of these newer introductions by Twitter betray their traditional sense of operation but then, maybe what the microblogging platform needs is change.

Source : Twitter

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