Wednesday, September 30

Uber, KIA and Access Bank announce major investment opportunity for Nigerians looking to make money

Uber, known to operate the Fleet Partnership program, has taken one step forward by announcing its vision of growing footprints in Nigeria. The company announced its new financial scheme with the collaboration of KIA motors — the Korean automakers, alongside renowned financial heavyweight, Access Bank.

Uber GM Ebi Atawodi says that in light of the outfit’s booming economy, they are aiming to place many Nigerians as Uber investors in the partnership. He added that they are focusing on the creation of public investments and also expecting highly for reaching their targets with the help of the KIA’s leadership and experience in the field of auto industry.

Uber also announced that prospective investors don’t have to make an outright purchase as the Access bank will help them by providing a 10% equity contribution as well as low monthly installments and flexible repayment up to 48 months. It is also expected that Uber’s Fleet Partnership agreement will increase the total number of car drivers in the country.

As it celebrated its one year presence in the Nigerian taxi and auto industry, Uber acknowledged a decent growth margin of its market share in the short period. It is expected that, Uber’s partnership with KIA will also decrease the drivers ETA nationwide in the upcoming months.

Credits: Techcabal

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