UN: South Sudan Starves to Death as Wars Continue

According to UN reports, South Sudan is getting worse this past few days.

Killings and crimes have been increasing and nearly 25 percent of the country’s population is in dire need of food assistance. Families have been doing their best to survive and at least 40,000 people are starving to death as they are running out of options.

Relief operations and assistance have not been done and delivered yet because affected areas are in security situation. Unrestricted access is vital to provide assistance all affected civilians.

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) considers famine as a technical measure classifying hunger on a scale of one to five. When stretched to 20 percent of the population, level five is classified as “catastrophe”.

The UN states that the situation would worsen since hunger already became a problem during the post-harvest period. Unlike the normal situation, hunger season is expected to start earlier and last longer.

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