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Update your Facebook status and access your account without Internet connection with MTN USSD

I’m happy to tell you that you can now surf and enjoy your Facebook account all day on without an Internet connection. This could be done even with a Nokia Torchlight phone and any phone at all.

Isn’t this rather amazing? Or you are even thinking its impossible. Just follow my post and read on as I will teach you how to access FB without Internet via Facebook for USSD courtesy of MTN Nigeria.

I have been enjoying this service from its on-set especially when i have important notification to attend to on Facebook, MTN will just notify me and the experience has been awesome. You even get to be reminded of your friends birthdays and comments and likes on your FB statuses and pictures.

The best part of the whole thing is that it is also available on all phones even on simple old phones like Nokia 3310. Most MTN subscribers actually got to discover this program through the SMS notification they got from mtn somethings like “Quick Facebook! Dear Tolulope Matthew dial *510# to access Quick Facebook without Internet”

How To Use Facebook Without Internet Access (Facebooki For USSD) on MTN
You must be a registered MTN subscriber and your line must have 5 months of existence.

MTN calls the service “MTN Quick Facebook Without Internet”. MTN Quick Facebook Service allows you to view Notification, Messages, Status, and even post to your Friend’s facebook wall.

All this can be done but you must be sure your MTN phone number is connected to your Facebook Account .

  • Dial *510# on your MTN line.
  • At first run, you will be asked to enter your Facebook e-mail and then password.
  • If your Facebook account is not associated with the MTN line then you will be prompted with “Enter Facebook Username”

Now that, your Facebook account is connected, tou will now receive updates directly from MTN about your Facebook account,  messages, notifications, news Feed and lots more. And you don’t have to be connected now to access and connect with friends on Facebook.

NOTE: MTN charges a sum of N5 daily for this transaction to be up and running. You can also choose to pay 25 naira or 100 naira for the weekly or monthly package.

To unsubscribe

To unsubscribe dial *510*22# and then respond 1 to the prompt message and send.


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