Sunday, October 25

Updated: Vodacom-Neotel merger deal

It is no new knowledge that Vodacom is one of the leading telecommunications brand in Africa, recently holding superiority over MTN in the South African zone. Vodacom boasts about 30 million subscribers in South Africa alone, compared to that of close competitor MTN who has about 28 million subscribers likewise, trailing by just a couple millions.

Vodacom has made a move for a merger between their company and another telecommunication oriented organization, Neotel, and wishes to let the general public know the proceedings of its proposed merger with this country.

Neotel and Vodacom have resolved to inform the general public of whatever the outcome of discussions is after the ruling by the Competition Tribunal.

The director that is currently in charge at NITEL in person of Kennedy Memani has spoke on the development, saying that growing the business by Neotel who had already seen R6 billion pumped into it. Memani has also revealed to us the time when the Competition Tribunal hearing will be carried out, giving out a set date of between 23rd of November and the 11th of December.

Once again, he reiterated that as soon as an outcome has been attained, Neotel would inform its subscribers of whatever it is.

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