US: Joint Patrols with Philippines in the South China Sea Possible

The Philippines and US joint patrols are possible in the South China Sea, said US ambassador Philip Goldberg in a media forum.

Protests have been made when commercial Chinese aircraft landed on one of China’s artificial islands built in the Spratlys. They also performed provocative actions by challenging Philippine military flights in the area.

Goldberg announced that they were not dumping the possibility of joint patrols in South China Sea. Since October, two US warships have sailed by China-claimed islands in the Spratly and Paracel Island.

He assured that US would strictly submit to international law, continue to enjoy rights to fly to international air space, and sail through international waters.

Albert del Rosario, Philippine Foreign Secretary, stated that officials are deliberating on possible joint patrols are focused on an area within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

The US considers supporting the Philippine military which unfortunately has weaker defenses against China.

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