Friday, November 27

How To Use Your Full Photo As Display Picture On IG, WhatsApp, BBM, Others

Getting your full photo on WhatsApp or BBM could be stressful sometimes as many have complained that the apps do not allow a larger area of photos to be loaded on.

Others have encountered this same problem on their Instagram pages and may have had to crop a part of their head or been robbed of the opportunity to show off their footwears in the photo.

Should you be a victim of this technological injustice, here’s how to ho about loading a full photo on your Instant Messaging apps.

  1. Download MirrorPic application or any other application which allows you to combine more than one photo from AppStore. This application allows you to tweak your photo without losing significant quality.


  1. The trick is simple, select the photo you wish to use then click on “Grid” and select the single photo you wish to use as your Instagram post, WhatsApp/BBM profile photo then click on ‘Confirm’. You can at this stage decide to save and share your photo or just save.


  1. After saving, click on the Gallery icon on your phone and use the new photo which you’ve just edited using the MirrorPic app as your display picture.


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