Tuesday, April 20

Using Mobstac On Your Blog With Your Own Sub-domain

Mobstac is a a platform for creating a mobile site or wapsite for your existing website or blog. Using Mobstac on blogger is quite easy and interesting. All you have to do is create a Mobstac account at http://mobstac.com, click on.
After the e-mail confirmation, create a password. Then choose a free Mobstac subdomain for your website. Eg.: http://abc-your-site.mobstac.com and Mobstac will crawl your site and your mobile site ready is ready! You can now access your mobile site via the subdomain you choosed (http://abc-your-site.mobstac.com).
Now, install the Mobstac plugin to your website or blog so that mobile users on your website will be redirected to your Mobstac mobile site.

To install the Mobstac plug-in in your Blogger blog:

Go to http://mobstac.com/mpa/faqs/, copy the code.
Login to your Blogger account.
Go to blog’s dashboard and click Design >> HTML Editor.
Click on the form to edit your blog’s template.
Place the Mobstac plug-in script directly under tag.
Done. Your mobile site is now up and running with Mobstac. Mobile phone browsers are now redirected to your Mobstac mobile site(http://abc-your-site.mobstac.com) while Web browsers can still access your main blog website normally.

To use Mobstac with a custom domain:

note: This requires a subdomain from your very own top level domain and cannot work with the free .blogspot subdomains.
Go to your domain registar and login to your domain control panel.
Set a C-name record with your prefered hostname(subdomain) and enter your Mobstac wapsite’s URL(http://abc-your-site.mobstac.com) in the IP/URL option.
You can read more on how to set a c-name record.

Feel free to ask any questions about Mobstac, I will answer to the best of my knowlegde!Using Mobstac On Your Blog With Your Own Sub-domain Simple Tutorials Technology: General Webmaster

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