Sunday, September 27

Vasiti launches student entrepreneurship hub

Gone are the days when students depended solely on their parents for their needs and supplies. Gone are the days when students needed to wait before their parents’ paydays to do anything they wanted money for. Gone are the days when students had the idea that school is for learning and learning alone and finally, gone are the days when students waited till they graduated to start making something happen.

With the number of youths making strides in our today’s society and those ringing bells in the technological world, it did not come as a big surprise, when Vasiti was launched and in no time, enjoyed a great deal of turn up from Nigerian university students.

Vasiti launches student entrepreneurship hub Technology: General

Vasiti (website — is an online platform that is aimed at building, nourishing and developing start-up entrepreneurs and as well, giving those that are entrepreneurs an avenue to display their wares. This feature is open to University and their students only, so you can track whatever you want online in any university in Nigeria.

With Vasiti, students are welcome to buy items, sell of their own items and wares likewise, buy and offer new or refurbished products and as well, offer the services that they are capable of providing likewise. this website innovation has given much more open access to easily locating student businesses on campus.

What’s more? Its free and easy to use. Students just need to access the ads section and place whatever they wish to there. As simple as ABC.

The website doesn’t just offer the function above as it keeps you updated on scholarships, internships and other materials that are needed for your education.

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