Sunday, September 20

VConnect opens door to applicants for debut blogging competition

VConnect, the Nigerian-based local search engine company, a little while after announcing their going the way of e-commerce, are back in the news with an even exciting announcement for the Nigerian blogging scene.

VConnect has launched a Blogging competition with which it aims to reward passionate bloggers that we have in the country. This is the debut season of this competition and we hope that there is many more of such to come with increased opportunities and incentives to participate.

VConnect opens door to applicants for debut blogging competition Technology: General

The Bloggers Contest Season I, as it has been called, was set up to appreciate those bloggers whose passion lay in home design, kitchen and dining, electronic and home needs, etc, as well as the creativity involved in the manufacture of these.

Entrance into the contest is simple. Interested bloggers need just submit a piece / an article in which they have reviewed a phone of their choice. Alternatively, a blogger can provide a product guide for home appliances such as the washing machine, conditioner or microwave.

The event would be presided over by VConnect’s appointed panel of judges and the emerging winner would, alongside getting an award, be named the official VConnect blogger. The first and second runners-up won’t be left out as they would be awarded likewise.

The entrance to the contest closes on the 31st of October, 2015.

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