Sunday, September 27

VergePOS wins AppCircus Lagos

AppCircus is an organization that was formulated and organized with the aim of dedicating itself and resources at its disposal to finding startups all around and investing in them, helping them to achieve their true potentials and presenting their ideas to the world.

Recently, AppCircus launched its event in Nigeria that was termed “AppCircus Lagos” and the winner of that event, as well as the winning startup innovation, has been brought to light.

Francis Osifo went home with all the spoils and the gold spot when he debuted his VergePOS, an ‘inventory management Point of Sale solution’ that stands to serve entrepreneurs in different business scales of micro, small and medium scale enterprises. The VergePOS system would enable business people to track the sales of their goods and reach of their services, carefully and accurately understand the sentiments of their customers above all others.

Francis Osifo would not just be recognized in his state and swept under the carpet. He would get the chance to pitch his idea at the Mobile Premier Awards that would be taking place in Barcelona come 2016

The AppCircus event that was held in Lagos was proudly sponsored by Intel and saw other seven finalists pitch their ideas to the judge. Of these are pitched to the jury at the event; Scantranx POS, Verge POS, Swap Naija, RouteBuzz, BrainFriend, Campus Pal, Kunku, and Ask an Expert Live Chat.

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