Thursday, January 21

Verve officially enters the East African market

Verve, the biggest card payment brand in Nigeria, has extended its business beyond the shores of the Giant of Africa to allow the Kenyans also have a taste of the good life it is that they offer. The leading African brand’s launch in Kenya, which was done on the 29th of October means that Kenyans are now exposed to additional ways of making cashless payments either online or in physical stores.

Verve has also launched some strategic measures on ground to ensure that it breaks into the market fast enough by partnering up with the Kenyan Commercial Bank (KCB) which would ensure that the card enjoys wide acceptance and usage among various customers.

With Verve Cards being issued by over 40 bank brands in Africa alone and having about 30 million tokens in circulation, it is no surprise why it is the biggest and has the furtherest reach of all other card issuance companies. The launch would see Verve Card holders enjoy the card both in Kenya and other East African countries where the company has made a mark, including Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda.

“East and West Africa are host to some of the fastest growing economies on the continent,” the Chief Executive Officer of Verve International in person of Charles Ifedi said. “We are also seeing rapidly expanding trade flows between the two regions, and with that increased travel.”

“Expansion of Verve acceptance across Africa and around the world is part of the long-term strategic vision for our business. It will also foster closer business partnerships between East and West Africa and improve the ease of doing business on the continent, thereby encouraging even stronger growth. We have created Africa’s first truly global payment card brand and an important symbol of Africa’s economic power.”

Verve is pursuing a vision to see its card globally accepted, taking one country at a time.

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