Wednesday, September 30

Video streaming on Nigeria taking a sharp rise — Ericsson

The report from the Ericsson ConsumerLab project shows that there is an increasing number of people in Nigeria watching video on their phone.

More than 50% of smartphone users in Nigeria wanted to watch shows on demand through online streaming but due to slowness or lack of internet connection, only 30% of the population can watch videos on their smartphone for more than once every week. This group of users has spent 36% of their time watching television shows on a TV, with the rest of their time spent on watching shows online on their smartphone or laptop. Many Nigerians prefer to have the flexibility to choose for the television channels. Currently, the pay television services do not give them the ability to customize the TV channels.

The slow internet connection problem has led to many Nigerians watching movies on pirated DVDs. It is estimated that Nigerians spent 43% of their income on entertainment. Out of the 43% expenses, 16% percent of the expenses are spent on pirated material. The rest is spent on paying for the television. Johan Jemdahl, the managing director for Ericsson Nigeria claimed that more and more Nigerians are spending their time to watch television ever since the introduction of advance technology devices. There is a larger portion of people that have smartphone compared to television in Nigerians. Mobile television is getting increasingly important in Nigeria because many Nigerians no longer want to watch television on a fixed schedule.

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