Sunday, September 20

VLC for Android OS gets updated to fix bugs, add new features

Android has to be the device that enjoys the most applications to handle its utilities and actions. Going by the rate at which app developers update the PlayStore, it is no wonder that the store boasts the most android applications and as well, most applications in one place with daily updates that are countless although controlled.

One of the best media apps on Android has to be VLC, which has been around for quite a while now and allows seamless organization and play of music and videos. With VLC, you can’t get your media so wrong. Just recently, a new update was released to the users of the VLC app to fix some bugs and problems that has been reported over time.

This new update, which takes the VLC player to a version of 1.6 comes with the following advanced features :
•Improved internal decoding speed and
interface speed.

•Reduced no. of needed permissions (KitKat

•4k support and accelerated video playback

•Cleaner UI with Material look. USB auto-
detection and more.

VLC is traditionally a video and audio player for personal computers that has tried to integrate itself into smartphone usage and so far so good, it has been making waves in that department likewise.

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