Tuesday, September 22

Vodacom SA introduces “Call for 30” bundle with reduced call rates

Vodacom, one of the leading telecommunications brand in South Africa, is really holding its own and is not giving anyone any excuse to edge it out of business. Constantly striving to create new ways with which to keep its customer base and expand its firm base, Vodacom has floated a new call rate plan over some of the various packages that it offers its subscribers.

The new plan, referred to as the Vodacom “Chat for 30” bundle would allow its subscribers to make 30 minutes worth of call time to any person in the South African country. This would be irrelevant of whichever network the person you want to call is subscribed to.

The Vodacom Chat for 30 bundle is only valid between the hours of 6am and midnight, and it comes to subscribers at a meager value of just R10.

As expected, there are terms and conditions that have been put in place by Vodacom themselves which affects this plan. For example, the calls made are measured on a per-minute basis till your total allotted minutes have been used up. Also, the validity period of the airtime is just 24 hours as it is not available more than the day of purchase.

This plan has not been introduced to every package that is offered on the Vodacom network. Prepaid customers, Community Service scheme and contract subscribers are all exempted from the plan.

The promo, which ends on the 31st January of 2016 is restricted to 7 chats for 30 promotional bundles per week.

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