Sunday, September 20

Vodacom says it’s “open to partnering” with Whatsapp on infrastructural investments

Mobile Telecommunications Network, MTN, obviously did a good thing for itself and achieved a greater good in helping others too when its CEO, Mteto Nyati, called out Whatsapp to be investigated by the Federal regulating body, Icasa. This is as a way to “level the playing grounds” between the mobile operators and these “over the top players”, the CEO said. It seems like Mteto’s statements are starting to generate the needed type of buzz as the topic has been the bane of discussion in some circles now.

Of recent, a lot of telecommunications providers in South Africa were asked if they would block Whatsapp on their networks or even increase the rates at which data would apply to them. While many of them remained open to the idea of reducing the data requirements of the application, none of them actually thought about revoking access to these OTTs on their network.

Vodacom has then come out with a strategy that should see them partner up with Whatsapp and expect some reasonable investment from the Facebook-owned app developers.

The head of corporate affairs over at Vodacom has said “To the extent that over-the-top players benefit from Vodacom’s infrastructure, we would seek a contribution” when asked if there would be a door open to Whatsapp to help Vodacom on the issue of infrastructure.

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