Sunday, September 20

Vodafone Foundation seeks inputs towards a better Ghana


Vodafone Ghana, one of the leading and top telecommunications network provider in the Ghanaian nation, has held an all-round important stakeholders meeting that was aimed at seeking inputs for its 2016 to 2020 strategy.

The meeting which took place at Accra featured a lot of key players and partners in attendance and looks to synchronize its social intervention strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals was held through its foundation.

Speaking at the opening of the event, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana in person of Harris Broumidas expressed that he had belief in the fact that it was high time that the corporate people of Ghana sat down to a round table to discuss the problems affecting the social community in Ghana.

The CEO, taking note of the obvious contributions that the Vodafone Ghana brand has made to the country over its six years of inception has given hope for the future as he said they plan to continue waxing stronger in providing suitable solutions for those in deprived conditions.

The Head of the Vodafone Association in person of Nana Yee Ofori Koree has said in an interview with BizTech Africa that “We may not be doing Health and Education anymore, you never know. We are yet to strategize and once that is done we’ll come out with sectors we are going to work in”

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