Saturday, September 26

Vodafone to showcase Ghanaian apps on its app store

In order to promote the development of locally made apps in Ghana, Vodafone has officially launched its local app store. The store will help to showcase lots of Ghanaian apps to the world.

Vodafone app store, which happens to be the very first of its kind by a network provider in the West African country, will help to promote the Ghanaian innovator who spends years in creating and developing an app. Apart from this, the move will also help to market locally developed apps to the global market.

The Vodafone initiative is quite different from other notable app stores because its main focus will be to showcase locally apps on its Home Screen, and also provide all necessary links, which will enable users to track a particular app without stress.

Vodafone to showcase Ghanaian apps on its app store Technology: General

Vodafone’s Head of Innovation, Mr. Julius Owusu Kyeremanteng in an interactive session with app developers in Accra, said the introduction of the app store by Vodafone will benefit app developers in Ghana in the long run. He also added that it will afford consumers various opportunities to access relevant lifestyle apps thereby assisting developers to do so.

In an interview with, Mr. Kyeremanteng said that the new Vodafone app store can be accessed on all major platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and Java.

“Basically ones you access the App store from any device, the App store is smart enough to know or detect which device you are using and will show you apps that are compatible with your operating system. So you don’t have to download an app that is not compatible with your operating system,” Kyeremanteng said.

Vodafone’s initiative is a welcome one, especially when you consider how stiff the competition is out there when you try to compete with other developers on App Store and Google Play.

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