Wednesday, September 23

Watch it Jumia, VConnect heads the way of e-commerce

VConnect is a brand that has established online presence in Nigeria and Africa over the period of four years that it has been in existence. The online classified ads platform, headquartered in Lagos and launched in Nigeria in the year 2012, has served as a major local search engine for people who wished to find businesses in their locale and in this aspect, the platform has never failed.

Now, those pulling the strings over at the VConnect board room have decided that the platform can be so much more than a local search engine and have decided to include the option of buying and selling on their platform. VConnect has then gone the way of E-Commerce.

The new service would enable various businesses that were listed in the VConnect local search database to be catalogued in their new online marketplace, making buying and selling possible while retaining the original identity of the website.

Watch it Jumia, VConnect heads the way of e-commerce Technology: General

Cinema movie listings can also be accessed from the new VConnect website now, helping users to know what is showing and when. This is addition of smartphones, tablets, televisions, home appliances and other categories of electronic products that has been added to the website.

On their official blog, the VConnect team conveyed their newest plan with the words “We are no longer a local search engine but now a complete consortia of sellers, stores, products, offers and unmatched quality.”

The new development will of course cause a scuffle in fast booming e-commerce sector of Nigeria which is guarded jealously by the likes of Jumia and Konga. The impact of having an old wine like Vconnect join the line e-commerce industry is expected to be felt hard, but how hard it actually is would be told in the coming months.

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