Friday, November 27

This Is What The Fuss About Android 8.0 Is All About

Google has made the Android 8.0 OS available and the tech world has been agog since the release of the latest Android OS. However, if you’re yet to catch the Android 8.0 Oreo frenzy, here is a breakdown of what all the fuss about the latest OS from Google is:



Google made sure to pack a new notification Channel framework on the latest OS allowing for the proper organization of your notifications into custom channels. You can also modify alerts of an entire channel at will. The notification tab also comes with badges which indicates which applications have unread notifications. Users can get a quick preview of what’s new on each notification dot or easily clear them by swiping.



This allows filling of repeated forms easier to handle as you won’t have to repeatedly type in personal information when filling multiple forms. However, to access this option, you have to enable the “Autofill will remember user logins to get into their favorite apps at supersonic speed” option.


Picture in Picture Mode:

Allows for your device to consume much less data especially for the video contents. Allows users to continue using their device without interruptions even when watching video or making a video call.


Connectivity Upgrade:

The Android OS 8.0 comes with support for Wi-Fi Aware which allows supported devices to discover and chat with each other without a Wi-Fi hotspot or an internet connection. It also comes with the new Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 5.0 standard.


Other Smart Features included on the OS comprises the new Smart Text Selection feature which allows for better copying of items, Smart Sharing Feature,

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