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What happened to Linda Ikeji’s Blog (

So you must have seen the above error page when you tried to visit your favorite entertainment blog, huh? Don’t worry, you are not dreaming, it’s real, Google, the owners of Blogspot has deleted on accusations of spam and plagiarism.

In case you are wondering who’s Linda Ikeji, she was a model — a failed model according to some sections of the crowd. OK, here it goes, whether you love or hate Linda, she’s indeed one of the top earning bloggers in Nigeria. She recently posed with her 24 million naira 2014 model Land Rover Range Rover on her blog and she at some point in time, said this particular feat she achieved made some people to witch-hunt her blog (which was finally bought down).

Linda Ikeji and her 2014 Range Rover which she claimed she acquired for 24 million.

Earlier today (October 8 2014) she told her readers that she’s been trying to get a domain name but the “Internet squatters” have hijacked most of the likely name she could use. According to her, the squatters were really jealous of her achievements and really wanted to bring her down since 2011.

Linda Ikeji said that one of her tormentors named Mr. Aydee on Twitter reported her to Google who is the authority running Blogspot, and according to her, Mr. Aydee said she copied some of his posts at which Linda says is also guilty of hosting lots of contents copied from other website.

The future. How to access Linda Ikeji’s Blog

A few minutes ago, Linda posted that she’ll be back “in a bit” though she didn’t mention if the bit will be hours, days or weeks. However, the blogger said her old content can still be accessed through

Now, yours truly can’t tell exactly whether Google will reinstate Linda Ikeji’s Blog or not; Or whether she will come back bigger or if the drama will eat up her creativity and damage her status. But then, one thing is certain, plagiarism is bad, whether entertainment or technology, whether website or blog, or even Facebook statuses — NEVER COPY ANYONE WORD TO WORD!!!

With that being said, we hope Linda will bounce back. Her blog was ranked among the top visited 2000 websites in the world and among the first 10 in Nigeria by Alexa before the incident. The hype generated with the blog deleting controversy is giving her a lot of attention which her brand will surely benefit from on the long run.

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