Monday, July 6

What impact does a bad boss have on one’s career?

What does a bad boss do to you and your career? First, let us identify the two types of “bad” bosses – the incompetent and the nasty.

What impact does a bad boss have on one's career? Technology: GeneralThe incompetent boss will let you do all the work. He will not coach you how to do the work; he will just let you discover it on your own. It will make you independent and self-sustaining. You can work on your own and find ways to come up with the best decisions.

The nasty and manipulative boss will get all the credits for the work you have done. He will make you realize that life is indeed unfair. It will make you more resilient and look into the positive side. You learn how to analyze situations and think politically.

What is good when a staff faces a bad boss who is the common enemy, they work together and set aside rivalries – even for a moment. And more importantly, having a bad boss will make you appreciate the next good boss you will have.

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