Tuesday, January 19

WhereIsMyTransport (WIMT) emerges winner of 2015 MobiPrize awards

MobiPrize, which is short for Mobility Enterprize, is an organizational set-up that is aimed at developing, encouraging and developing start-ups and entrepreneurs that are focus on the transformation of the commutation and transportation scheme in any economy. For the year 2015, the MobiPrize awards were held and the winner has been picked.

Coming all the way from South Africa, a start-up which called itself Where Is My Transport (WIMT) has emerged winner of the event. This start-up is dedicated to the work of improving the experience of commuters in transports for emerging markets.

WIMT has a lot of selling points which it pitches to the judges to win them over. Asides from the fact that their platform supports smart transport which is easily accessible and supports integration, the WIMT solution also takes some verified transport data and rejuvenates it in such a way that it would be easily read, interpreted and understood by virtually anyone, helping the general populace to make much more informed choices when it comes to transport.

The 2015 Global Grand MobiPrize awards is supported by the Ford Motor Company and the emerging winner would take home a total prize of $5000, have access to mentorship on their line of business, provide useful networks to them and so much more.

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