Sunday, January 17

WorldRemit debuts money transfer service in Egypt

World Remit is a multinational brand which is mainly for the sending and remittance of money between different users that live in different time zones around the world. Currently, as part of its global expansion through which it hopes to take on all of the world one country at a time, World Remit has extended its services to the Egyptian borders. This means that Egyptians can now use the service within themselves and the other 52 countries from which the money transfer service operates from.

WorldRemit debuts money transfer service in Egypt Technology: General

“Remittances play an important role for prosperity and development in Egypt. Yet more than that, they provide a vital link with Egyptians in the diaspora – hard-working migrants dedicated to supporting the lives of friends and family at home, ” the founder and CEO of WorldRemit, Ismail Ahmed, said. “Today, Egyptians abroad can skip the queues at high-street transfer agents and use the WorldRemit app to send money home with just a few taps on their smartphone,” he added.

In the year 2014 alone, World Bank’s reports stated that the remittances that were made over the WorldRemit’s platform alone totaled a stunning $19bn and more, which beat the revenue records that were accrued to Suez Canal within the same operational period.

Source : Techloy

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