Sunday, July 12

16 TB: World’s highest capacity SSD launched by Samsung

At the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Samsung has recently announced the launch of 16 TB SSD. The proposed device is not just the world’s highest capacity SSD, but it is also the highest capacity drive.

The Flash Memory Summit is one of the elite flash storage events, where the industry experts come in with their best. In this summit, Samsung announced some breakthroughs which involve planning, managing and optimizing enterprise storage in order to manage data overflow. The announcement of world largest 16TB drive and world’s fastest 1,000,000 IOPS – drive is evident of Samsung’s ability to come up with products that benefit users to the extreme.

Most of the modern drives contain CPUs, which performs more than managing blocks of bits. Due to the presence of these CPUs in the drives, hosts only receive the data required, which eventually reduce the network load. Samsung is working towards developing APIs in order to enable device computation.

The intelligent drive initiative taken by Samsung is sure to go a long way to help the data centers as well as enterprise users and even individual consumers. Industry experts are of the opinion that the rate of improvement is quite high as far as flash is concerned.

Credits: ZDNet

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