Saturday, July 11

You can now write Twitter messages as long as you want

Much to the respite of the Twitter users, Twitter has finally lifted the 140 character limit from Direct Messages on this platform. However, this move was supposed to come into action in July as announced by the company in June. The much awaited twitter users are happy with the decision the company has taken. Now, the users can write one-to-one messages as long as they want it to be.

This new change will start featuring on Twitter soon. Again, it is imperative to mention here that this feature will remain same even for the Twitter apps for Android and iOS. Twitter lovers will see this even in Twitter for Mac. Although, it is true that the rollout may take few weeks before all users can write their heart out.

The character limit for actual tweets remain the same, which means if you wish to tweet you will have keep your emotions controlled within 140 characters. There is no such news yet that confirms Twitter considering lifting the limit of 140 characters. But the best part is, there is no limit to the direct messages from now on. Twitter users can write paragraphs to depict their emotions to all their contacts in Twitter.



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