Monday, June 1

Xiaomi smartphones coming to Africa via ‘Mobile in Africa Limited’ stores

According to available reports, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is planning to enter the African market, probably sometimes in the next month.  To initiate the start, Xiaomi will start selling Redmi 2 and Mi 4 phones and the distribution in the entire continent will be done through Mobile in Africa Limited.

Xiaomi smartphones coming to Africa via 'Mobile in Africa Limited' stores Technology: General

Speaking to the media, President of Mobile in Africa, RJ Van Spaandonk explained, “I think Xiaomi is currently the one of the most exciting mobile internet brands. It is well suited to the needs and income levels of the emerging middle classes in Africa.”

To make its reach much intense, Mobile in Africa is planning to set up their online stores in 14 additional African countries. The strategy is the same that is being followed by Xiaomi in China where they have been selling mostly through online routes. The cost of distribution gets lowered to a great extent in selling the product through the online route than selling in local stores.

Having started their journey in 2011, Xioami has become the third largest maker of smartphone in the world, with only Apple and Samsung being able to beat the Chinese brand in the global market.

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