Tuesday, September 22

Yahoo drops Bing, partners Google for search results and ads

Google is probably the biggest search engine platform out there and we know why: Google is offering a wider and deeper penetration into websites more than any of its counterparts and likewise, providing other services alongside which makes it stay relevant. Another big body when it comes to search engine and its services is Yahoo and we know that these two aforementioned companies are big rivals in their industry.

It then came as a surprise when Yahoo didn’t even let the wounds heal from just severing ties with Bing when it partnered up with Google as its new search provider.
Bing, since 2009, has been the sole search provider for Yahoo and the agreement between both companies just recently ceased, seeing Google come into the foray.

Although the specifics of this new deal has yet to be released, this means that Google would have to provide Yahoo with search results (on both mobile and desktop devices) running from now till December 2018. These search results would also include images and advertisements (courtesy of the Google AdSense). The deal also means dictates Yahoo can choose which search queries to send to Google and with its non-exclusive nature, Yahoo can still partner up with other search engine bodies likewise.

The partnership will see considerable gains for Yahoo likewise as gotten from a filing report that “Google will pay Yahoo a percentage of the gross revenues from AFS (Advertisements for Search) ads displayed on Yahoo Properties or Affiliate Sites. The percentage will vary depending on whether the ads are displayed on U.S. desktop sites, non-U.S. desktop sites or on the tablet or mobile phone versions of the Yahoo Properties or its Affiliate Sites.”

Google also stands to gain as Yahoo would make payments for the image and search requests that it gets.


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