Sunday, July 12

Your top app backend options now that Parse is shutting down

Facebook acquired Parse, a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) company in April 2013 but now they have announced that the app-hosting service is shutting down. Here are the top choices to replace Parse in your system.


Applicasa is an MBaaS which labeled themselves as a “One-Stop-Shop”, a complete package. What’s good about it is that they have a unique business model wherein they charge monthly per number of users, not on the number of API calls. They also offer adaptive pricing – the pricing model scales in proportion with the growth of your user base.


It is a better choice than Parse for gamers and other applications that are highly interactive since it observes a model-observer scheme. Data changes on the server are automatically pushed out to all devices that are registered as listeners.


Appcelerator Cloud Services has the most number of features among all MBaaS companies. It offers users a custom object they can save on the server, key-value objects, push notifications, geolocation as well as a plethora of easy, out-of-the-box APIs.


Kumulos is excellent for beginners and has a built-in interface for creating web services. The interface aids apps to connect with Kumulos service to execute basic CRUD – create, read, update, delete – operations on their database.

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