Wednesday, June 3

YouTube offline coming to Africa in a few months time

Google has made a major announcement that it is planning to launch a new feature for the YouTube that will enable its users to take videos offline and watch them later during the time when there will be poor internet connectivity.

Since African countries as well as other emerging markets do not have affordable and extensive high speed internet connectivity, this move is said to be taken in order to deal with such issues so that the netizens of African nations like Nigeria can enjoy uninterrupted video watching facility on YouTube.

Although Google furthermore cited that all videos would not have this advanced feature for offline watching. It is still under a planning stage. Hence, African net users may have to wait few months more for the final release of this improved Youtube feature as the company hasn’t confirmed when exactly it would be available in Africa.

Google has declared that, users will be enabled to add a YouTube video for offline viewing purpose just by clicking on the offline icon button located under the video frame. After taking the videos offline, viewers can play the videos for up to 48 hours without any internet connection. So no more worries about slow net connections.

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