Sunday, July 5

Yudala’s offline retail debut to create job opportunities for Nigerians

With the inauguration of an offline retail outlet store, blooming of a chunk of job opportunities can be well expected. The offline retail store namely Yudala has opened in Lagos and over the coming years more numbers of stores are expected to open throughout the country, creating job opportunities directly and indirectly for enthusiastic Nigerians.

The inauguration was crowned with some offers and discounts. Shoppers are open to take advantage of these offers that included free phones for purchases above N20, 000 or massive discounts.

With the opening of Yudala, the company sources have claimed that it is going to boost up the morale of young Nigerian entrepreneurs who will take to redefine their standards by associating themselves with the outlet stores. Lot of partnership opportunities are being encouraged for them, thereby a nice impact is expected to hit the Nigerian economy.

The management has further plans to spread this outlet to the rural parts as well. Already it has sanctioned a launch of 10 additional stores across the country which will be operative by August itself. They are also optimistic to have 151 stores operating throughout the country by another couple of years.

The inauguration event was marked with the unveiling of a theme song and a cameo performance by Triple MG honcho Iyanya.

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