Thursday, January 21

Zahir Khan to take up CEO mantle of Project Isizwe

The former Chief Executive Officer of the now defunct South Africa based social platform MXit who also happens to be the frontman for Project Isizwe platform in person of Alan Knott Craig Jnr, would now be stepping down as the overall head of operations for Project Isizwe. Project Isizwe is a non-profit organization that have their resources directed towards creation of free Wi-Fi services. Taking up the mantle of leadership in Mr. Alan’s absence would be the current COO of the organization, Zahir Khan. The change of hands in leadership is expected to take effect starting from the 1st of January, 2016.

This is not the only change that Project Isizwe is currently undergoing as new members have been brought in to make the total board of directors six in number for now. The newest additions are Estian Calitz, Nape Maepe and Martin Kuscus who would be joining the already available trio of Sibs Moodley-Moore, Zahir Khan and the Chairman of the board, John Volmink .

“Project Isizwe is out of the start-up phase and with the new additions to the board and leadership change, we are geared to scale the organization to meet its core objectives,” Zahir Khan, the soon to be CEO, has said.

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