Zika Virus: The Newest Threat to our Health

Zika virus, the new and mysterious threat to our health, is rapidly affecting people especially pregnant women and their newborn children. More than 2,000 cases of newborns with microcephaly – a condition wherein infants have abnormally smaller heads – have been reported in South America.

There is no vaccine developed yet to stop the spread of the virus. Because of this, the best thing to do is prevention. Pregnant women are advised not to travel to places where Zika is present. They should also use repellents, wear permethrin-coated clothing, long sleeves and pants. Staying indoors is also advised.

The authorities are doing their best to come up with methods to stop the spread of the virus through development of tests, treatments and vaccines. Innovative measures and more effective methods are being eyed to protect the people from Zika and future diseases that may arise. Their top priority is to maintain the safety and security of Americans from diseases which threaten to strike anytime.

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